The Path to a Business Aviation Career

Business aviation needs talented young professionals like you. That’s why NBAA is giving you the tools to go farther, faster.

As an undergraduate or high school student interested in aviation, you have plenty of options for your career path. For those seeking careers in business aviation, this industry provides outstanding diversity in aircraft, missions, schedules and clients, and there are great prospects for jobs and career advancement at locations nationwide.

Business aviation provides a wide variety of job roles, including flight department managers and pilots, maintenance managers and technicians, safety and security specialists, schedulers and dispatchers, flight attendants and flight technicians, ground support specialists, aircraft manufacturing and design specialists, specialists in aviation law, specialists in aviation finance and charter sales professionals. NBAA provides resources for pursuing all of these career paths.

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Student Success Flight Bag

Explore the resources listed below that were curated to equip and empower students to get engaged in the business aviation industry.

Business Aviation Insider Student Edition *

Business Aviation Insider’s 2023-2024 Student Edition includes inspiring personal stories from people across the business aviation industry, including tips and strategies on how they found their paths to success. Young professionals and military veterans share their experiences about why business aviation ended up being a perfect fit. Download the student magazine (PDF)


NBAA offers a growing number of scholarships to support students in various segments of business aviation. Scholarships are available both to those seeking to enter the industry and those looking to advance their careers.

Workforce Development Powerpoint Presentation: Careers in Business Aviation *

This presentation serves as a tool for educating and inspiring the next generation of aviators about what business aviation has to offer. It is a resource, not only for members seeking to captivate students during their presentations, but also as a wellspring of knowledge for students eager to delve into the realms of business aviation. Download the Careers in Business Aviation Presentation (PPTX)

NBAA Mentoring Network

NBAA’s Mentoring Network fosters a collaborative environment for professional growth. Participants are matched based on location, industry objectives and other factors to provide an engaging and fulfilling experience.

Young Professionals in Business Aviation (YoPro)

NBAA’s YoPro group is dedicated to fostering community in business aviation. If you are young and building a career in business aviation this is a group of passionate, fun and inspiring professionals wanting to connect and build a network.

Networking Opportunities

NBAA provides a comprehensive program of industry events each year, which serve as effective career-networking venues. Student discounts are often available.

Jobs Board

For those nearing entry into the professional world, the NBAA Jobs Board allows you to post your resume and access business aviation employment listings (must be 18 or older).

Careers in Business Aviation *

NBAA has developed several resources outlining exciting opportunities within business aviation. Find information on salaries, training requirements and more, along with testimonials from young people thriving in the industry. Learn more about business aviation career paths.

Business Aviation Career Posters *

Perfect for classrooms and events, these posters provide a eye-catching overview of the industry and its many opportunities for successful careers.

Download Industry Overview Poster (1 MB)

Download Career Overview Poster (354 KB)

Regional Business Aviation Groups

Use the Regional Business Aviation Groups Directory to find a regional business aviation group in your area, attend their events, and build your network close to home.